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Liteblue login portal is associated with the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS is the biggest employee strength & most used courier company in the entire united states.  The Liteblue Portal specially designed for the employee of USPS because they have the USPS has more than 497,000 peoples in their team. That’s why to handle the biggest strength and Provide information about the daily schedule. Liteblue Login portal also has another facility like PostalEASE, Thrift savings plan for retirement, Profile data Update and much more.

Here, we give you all the information regarding the and lite blue login so, read till the below.

Fact about the Liteblue USPS Gov

Usps is known for their fastest & reliable courier service among the entire country. Even they tied up with the many brands & shopping companies to deliver their courier Packages.  USPS cover almost every state and the village of the country about 156 million addressed that the services operate throughout the employees. And, to provide information to that employee about daily plans updated them via a USPS Liteblue Login.

LiteBlue Login Online Procedure
LiteBlue Login Online USPS LiteBlue Login Gov

Here are some fact about the Liteblue USPS

  1. The Liteblue Login Portal get 336 million visitors For use services.
  2. USPS postal service is very cheap Just in 49 cents any countrymen can send their letters in the entire US.
  3. Liteblue is the alone service which builds revenue and collects no tax return for funding services. They generate their revenue from transport, courier charges, and stamps as well.
  4. Liteblue USPS Generates a revenue of $1.5 trillion (as of 2018).
  5. They arrange special service for medical emergency or accident related mail and try to deliver mail as much as faster.
  6. For disabled and elder members of the country, they give special Discount.
  7. Liteblue USPS has 7.5 million employee in the whole grid and 500,000 career employees and other Part time job employees also Present.
  8. offers free recycled boxes under flat rate mail order.
  9. Liteblue Login Portal also have web Page and mobile application for both Android and iOS Users.

How to Register Liteblue USPS Account?

  • Liteblue login online portal has no option to create a new Liteblue account.
  • For the new account, you have to contact your HR or the Project manager.
  • The HR will give you your Login id and the Temporary Password.
  • You have to change your temporary Password after the first time login.
  • The login id is the same as your employee id number written on your card.

How to use USPS Liteblue Login Online Portal

The is an online login portal for the postal employees. Using their account they manage postal records, funds, resources and other important matters all were handled through the single account. That will save lots of time and energy of the employees.

USPS is now planning to add more operation so all major task should be complete on the Login website. Liteblue has added new salary feature using it employee can see their salary details and another insurance service. Every liteblue USPS employee has their own unique id and Password.

There are many features and services provide by the Postal Service. Liteblue login portal helps an employee to do their job task easily and sustainable way.

  1. Open official site into a login page of your web browser.
  2. it will take you to usps liteblue login page as shown in the image.
  3. Now enter your Username (Employee ID) and the Password in the Box.
  4. Click, Enter on it now.

If you have already account and want to reset your forgotten Password then you can also do it. Just Read the information.


  • PayStub: This is another important feature of the LiteBlue login. It allows you to see your Payment History. It is also possible to download your payment stub on your personal computer in excel sheet format.
  • Time Schedule: LiteBlue login gives you access to your USPS account. In reality, it is among the most commonly used sections of this LiteBlue login portal. It’s necessary to stay up to date with your operating program and Liteblue makes certain you do things.
  • Internal Job Opportunities: In case you are looking for promotions or increase opportunities within USPS, you would love to keep your eye on this segment. It’s upgraded with new openings within the business.
  • Responsive Design: LiteBlue portal site is quickly although it provides you access to a lot of details. It works easily even on low-spec apparatus connected to slow net. The website can also be responsive. Meaning, it offers fluidity and ease of usage on all platforms such as PC and mobile.

(New Employee have to reset their Temporary Password after their First log in)

So, In this article, we have shared the fact of Liteblue USPS Gov and the USPS Liteblue login. We have tried to cover all the information which we have got.

We update more information about liteblue login with you soon. If you have more information or have some doubts about Liteblue USPS Official portal then comment your feedback below. Share this Liteblue information with your Liteblue Postal Friends.