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Change LiteBlue USPS Password in Just 2 Minutes

LiteBlue Login Portal: Liteblue USPS is the Biggest Postal Service Organization in America, Same as every big organization, Liteblue also has Liteblue login website where the employee can manage all their service. But what if your Liteblue Password is Forgot and you want to change or reset liteblue Password? then, here is the detailed guideline on how to change liteblue password check this.

The United Postal service has more than 450,000 employees in their crew member team. To handle this big team Liteblue website provide them various employee-related information, Payment related info, Schedule and much more. That’s why Liteblue USPS portal is very important if you forget your password then don’t worry here is a guide on how to reset liteblue Password.

How to Reset Liteblue Usps Password

When you first time joins Liteblue that time one temporary 8 Digit Password is given to you by credentials via postcard or email through the HR department. You can use that password as many times. But for security reasons, we suggest reset Password and set new Liteblue Password according to your choices. The employee also lost or forgotten their existing LiteBlue login password sometimes.

That time you will reset the liteblue password, and we are showing you how to do it. If you have the habit of forgetting then we suggest to save your password in Google Password Manager otherwise you can note them on paper and put it safely.

Sometimes employee feels that their liteblue usps account is hacked by someone and try to change or still their Password. And now trying to still your personal information and harm you.

Change Liteblue usps Password

Change Liteblue Password

Including this three there are many reasons when you need to change your liteblue login Password. For, Change Liteblue password there are three methods. We covered here both three methods to change liteblue Password.

Method 1: Change liteblue Password with USPS

United States Postal Service provides many services to customers & their employees. On official USPS site most used by the liteblue customer but on their official website also have the option to change liteblue employee Password.

Follow the below step to reset Liteblue Password

  1. Open the site on your laptop or mobile Browser.
  2. Now, Enter your username of USPS account.
  3. The system will automatically match details and generate email verification Link.
  4. Open Registered email account and inbox try to find that mail.
  5. You will see Password reset link option in the mail.

Note: This Method is helpful when you newly hired and Temporary Password given by your HR Team.

If you don’t know how to use Liteblue Portal Then

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Method 2: Reset Liteblue Password with Liteblue USPS Login Portal

If the first method does not work for you then try the second method. Liteblue Employee can change their Password from official Liteblue Login Employee Portal. Follow the Steps. Best Golf Rangefinder

  1. Open the Liteblue Login Portal Web Page, Link is Given Upper.
  2. You can see now Liteblue id & Password on Screen.
  3. On the Bottom of Log on button block, you will see Forget Your Password in tiny Font written.
  4. Click on that link and that will redirect to USPS Self-Service Profile EIN Verification Page.
  5. EIN is an Employee identity Number must need to Change Password.
  6. Now, Enter your 8 Digits Employee identity number details and click on Verify Employee ID Button.
  7. A New Page with password instructions will open showing Reset Password link is send to Registered Email.
  8. Check inbox in Email and try to find that Email.
  9. Now, Click on Reset Password link and enter the New Password.
  10. Again use the Same Password to Confirm New Password and Enter.

Now, Your Liteblue Employee id Password is Change.

Note: This Service only works for the United Liteblue USPS Employees Citizens. If any Second Person will try to reset Password then legal action will be taken on them.

So, In this Post, we shared detailed Guide on how to change Liteblue password successfully If you have still doubts regarding reset Liteblue Password or facing any difficulty while trying to change liteblue Employee Password then contact us, Our Liteblue Login team will try to Help you. Share This Post with your other Liteblue Employees. And Thanks for Visiting the Post.

LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resources

The Liteblue united Postal Service provides postal Service across all over the United States of America. Liteblue is one of the largest mailing company and has more than 45000 employees around all over America. The Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources department also provides various services like payroll, retirement plans, payroll, Performance,  Employee service.  The liteblue usps human resources department helps the liteblue employees and provide the proper information regarding the current scheme & event running in the company. Human Resources liteblue webpage covers Employment Rights, Health & Wellness, Current Org. changes and much more. If you want a job at a  liteblue than that time also need to apply a job application using the Liteblue usps gov Human Resources Site.

What is a Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources?

Every Big organization or company has human Resouces department team. According to them Liteblue USPS also have their Human Resources department. Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources team handle more than 45000 Employees data & provide Services for them. The Liteblue USPS has an online webpage of the Human Resources department. Using that Site you can access many Liteblue Services & get much information. Below in image, we have shown how looks a USPS Gov Human Resources department site.

Liteblue USPS Gov. Human Resources

Liteblue USPS Human Resources

The Liteblue Human Resources web page user interface is very Good. Liteblue employee can easily get other Portal Service very Quickly. The most asked questions are already covered in another box. Mostly Liteblue employees asked a question regarding Apply Job, Change Address, EAP, ePayroll, EOPF, and access to see TSP Return Rates. When you visit Liteblue Login Portal “MY HR” Button already have. After clicking on the button, you will go at Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources Page.

The Liteblue employee Can easily Browse by Subject. The Following Subjects are covered on Liteblue Human Resources Page.

Employment Rights: The employment rights giving information on EEO, USPS Policies, EEO Laws, ADAAA Disabilities and Assistive Technologies.

Retirement: USPS really care about their employees. They offer a Retirement plan to the employee.

Benefits: The Service subject has cover Liteblue Employee Accounts, Insurance, Leave/Salary, Insurance, and Money Management.

Careers: The Career subject covers information regarding New Job Opening, Higher Education, Bargaining Unit jobs (job Bidding, eReassign), Non Bargaining jobs  (EAS Job Guide, Login to career).

Current organization Changes: The Liteblue USPS do continue changes to increase efficiencies and manage costs in order to provide reliable, affordable and universal Postal services. Currently, there are no changes in Liteblue Organizations.

Health & Wellness: Health and wellness is the best service provide by Liteblue USPS to their employee. Liteblue provides physical checkup, Support financially, Support for employee child education.

Workforces: In this workforce Page you can learn about diversity and how you can interact with other co-workers.

This all features are under observation of Liteblue usps gov human resources department safe. If you face any difficulty then you can also contact your Liteblue usps Gov HR team.

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SpotLight Features of LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resource

We have listed below top features of Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources, We will briefly define each and every feature of the USPS Human Resources Department. So, read it Carefully.

LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resources


eRetire: The LiteBlue USPS has developed a web application using it liteblue employee can plan for their retirement Plans. You can Directly download this from Given Link below. The eRetire tool supports internet explorer, Mozilla and Opera mini browser. Disable all Extensions before to use this tool for Privacy. Currently Google Chrome and Firefox browser do not support this Tool but in Short time new Update will come. If you forget your Liteblue Password then Reset USPS Password and create a new password.

Medical and Occupational Health Services: The most valued resource of Liteblue USPS have their employees. Here healthcare professionals, doctors, and registered nurses teams who are most top in their medical Service in environmental health.

Liteblue USPS believes that to get a good achievement and Productivity you need healthy employee services. That’s why liteblue have designed Quality Program and missions. This Service personally managed by liteblue usps gov human Resources.

USPS Diversity: Liteblue USPS Diversity is an including environment that appreciates and admires the richness of people’s viewpoints, experiences, cultures, and experiences.  The USPS Postal Service will continue trying to new and innovative ideas to attract and new diversity high to increase company Performance. Its also help to beat the competition in the global marketplace. Liteblue provides high class required performing talent to those employees and its help to build successful Organization.
 Liteblue USPS eRetire app Features:
  •  You can print the Yearly income Evaluation report.
  • Book your ticket in retirement counseling Show.
  • Select the year in which you want to retirement and tool automatically Generate the amount you need to save monthly.
  • Other Retirement Money Saving Information.
  • You directly connect with Liteblue usps gov human resources team.
Bargaining Unit Reassignment: A reassignment page is an eReassign tool. Where you can help other workers in the transfer. With this feature helps employees submit reassignment requests online and view the request of the customer. When employee going to leave that information will gather and according to them, they will get e to reassign requests receipt. After that you have to do one time cross verification with the liteblue usps gov human resources team.
Unused Sick Leave: Here, when Liteblue Employee can take sick leave then the day hours to be added to total service in calculating the retirement money of Federal Liteblue Employees Retirement System employees. After New update of December 31, 2013, the 100% money is collected for future Loans or Retirement.
. Whenever the company face problem in production, sales, and damages the human resources services try to figure out the original reason behind that Particular matter. USPS try to give more facility to usps employees and USPS Gov Human Resources working hard to improve those features which increase company growth. In every company, human resources services play a major role in company Growth because HR team understands the problems between customers, employee, and the manager.
So, in this post, we have posted all the information regarding LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resources. If you still face any query on USPS Gov Human Resources then Comment below. Our Liteblue team will try to help you, If you like this article then share with your Liteblue Employee friends.

USPS Hold Mail | Apply For USPS Hold Mail

The Usps Mail Hold Service can you used when you are planning to go for Holiday vacations or suddenly Emergency come and you have to go somewhere that time you can stop delivery of your mail or courier Parcel. USPS offers to hold your mail delivery for between 3 Days and up to 30 days. When you start facilities USPS Hold Mail at home then usps keep your letters in one file and give you them whenever you cancel hold mail request applied. USPS also offers Mail Forwarding service if you want to forward your mail to your friend’s house. Here, In this Post, We are sharing more information about on USPS Hold mail service in detail and discuss USPS Mail Forwarding So, read the article till the end.

How to use USPS Hold Mail While Vacation?

Apart from this problem solution usps has start USPS Hold mail Facilities for People. When you next time plans any long holiday then just give information to Liteblue USPS via submitting some Information, they will collect your all mail into Safe File. Below I have attached images of USPS Hold Mail form and step by step guide for USPS Hold Mail Process. That’s the best option to secure you’re important mail and missed out.

As per recent research study conducted the more than half of the united states people will be out from home during the holiday season. That time if usps employee has to deliver a mail then what to do, they are a high chance of important documents will be dispatched or someone takes & wrong use of it if usps employee left that courier near home Gate. Sometimes It’s also happened you are more days out of home and mailbox of your house become full and important mail got missed and that mail badly affect your career.

USPS Hold mail Status

Currently, USPS Hold Mail request allows up to 30 days to keep your mail Secure. When you come back home just contact your usps area department and they will stop usps hold mail Process and Give you back your all important mail which are collected by them in your absence.

Requirements for USPS Hold mail order Service

When you order USPS Hold mail to request that times you have to clear these three steps in your mind. Better make a note of this information.

  • Preplan Usps Hold Mail Dates: When you applying USPS Hold mail you have to give the starting date to start hold mail service and end date to stop Hold mail service. USPS Hold your mail during your selected days and deliver mails after those dates. After it usps mail service work as before.
  • USPS Hold mail Duration: The USPS currently offer hold mail minimum of 3 days and maximum up to 30 days. So decide before applying Hold mail actually how much time usps hold mail request you want.
  • Apply USPS Hold mail before two or more days of starting date because of the Procedure need full one-day minimum time.

The online hold usps mail request processed immediately while making hold request using the call takes one day time and with the normal form request, it takes more than one day. We Prefer to request Hold usps before to 2 a.m CST for same-day process.

If you recently change your house then you need to apply for a Home Address change Process.

How to Apply USPS Hold Mail Request

There are three methods to apply usps hold request mail You can use any one of this request and complete hold mail order. let’s describe those three methods in detail to apply USPS Hold mail Request. Read carefully and choose a method which you like and apply usps hold mail request.

  • Visit Nearest USPS Office: If you are planning for a holiday vacation and want to start usps hold request than visiting your nearest usps local post office and asked for Form 8076 and fill up it. Avoid visiting during the employee lunch time and government holiday.

USPS Hold mail Form

Now, Fill a form as the above image posted with a blue pen and recheck all the information which you filled two times. You have to submit this Hold USPS form to the clerk office. Tell the reason to clerk why you want to start and your USPS Hold mail request should be Processed but it takes times to complete. Don’t forget to take confirmation number it will help in future to stop Usps hold mail Process.

Using the Processing number you can also check the status of your USPS Hold mail request and service start you get the update about your mail. When your request complete enjoy your holidays without the tension of important mail Post.

  • USPS Hold Mail Call Request: If you are busy and have no time to go USPS Post centre then the usps also provide the facility of USPS Hold mail Call request. you have to simply do free call to your area Post office and tell them your request and Starting date of hold mail and end date of hold mail of your holiday. But Take hold mail and your request number from them. But it takes many times because USPS call centre is all time busy and you have to wait more than half an hour until your turn not comes.

Apply USPS Hold Mail Call Request

USPS call centre number is 1-800-275-8777, You can contact them between service Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8:30 pm. The confirmation call will again come to your registered mobile phone and they will give you confirmation Number.

Apply USPS Hold Mail Online: This method is the fastest and easiest method to Apply usps mail hold request.  The best part of this method is you can request your USPS Hold mail Process 24*7 and there is no holiday on that. Liteblue USPS are available year 365 days for usps customer.

Just Follow the Below Steps to apply usps hold mail request online.

Step – 1: Open United States Postal Service (USPS) Official Website Click here.

Now, the new USPS webpage will be open and now you will see different types of categories on your screen. Try to Find hold mail option in Quick Tools function Bar and open it. it will take you to another USPS Hold Mail Page form.

LiteBlue USPS Employee Login Guide

LiteBlue Login is an important website Provided by the United State Postal service for usps employees. The Liteblue USPS login Website provides you with all the important information regarding employee benefits, retirement benefits, etc. The Postal employees can also access Postal ease and give feedback from the LiteBlue USPS gov login page. In short, liteblue usps service helps the postal employees to stay in touch with their jobs and the immense benefits it offers. The other most important thing which the employees can do with the USPS Liteblue login page is they can change their private information.

Though Liteblue USPS gov is the most important website for the postal employees in the United States, most of them are unable to figure out the usps login process. In this article, we’ll share with you an easy to understand LiteBlue USPS login guide. By the end of this post, you’ll see yourself on the dashboard of the LiteBlue USPS website! Let’s dive in without any delay! start reading LiteBlue USPS employee Login Guide.

How to use Liteblue USPS Employee Login portal?

The use of usps login page is very easy If you are already an existing user of LiteBlue login, just you must probably have the user ID number and password with you. In case, if you have forgotten the liteblue login account password, then you can click on the Forgot Password? Link to reset your password. If you are a new employee of US Postal Service, you need to create a new password for USPS account.

Liteblue login page

The employee-id acts as the user ID for the Liteblue usps portal. The HR department gives you the password (generally an 8 digit one) to the employee when they join the usps service. They’ll either send the password to the employee’s mail or postcard.

You need to use this password to login to the LiteBlue USPS Employee portal.  However, it’s recommended to change the password. but any unauthorized person can not use that site.

We suggest you sign in the LiteBlue portal from desktop especially when you are using it for the first time.

  1. Step 1: Visit website from any web browser.
  2. Step 2: Hit on the Login button.
  3. Step 3: Enter your Employee ID in the textbox catered for the User ID and enter the password.
  4. Step 4: Click on the Log in button.

That’s it! Most of the employees are not aware that their usps employee ID is the user ID to log in the LiteBlue portal. Spend some time browsing the features and functions of the LiteBlue portal. If you wish to know the benefits of LiteBlue Employee portal, skip to the next section.

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The LiteBlue USPS Employee Login details are extremely valuable and the employees must keep them secure. Phishing attacks are very common and from last few years a huge number of employees have lost access to employee login dashboards. The mischief makers create fake sites that look like the replica of the Liteblue USPS Employee portal. The employees enter their login details assuming that it’s the genuine website. Do not enter your login details without checking the URL twice. We recommend you to enter the URL yourself in the address bar rather than clicking a link from the email that asserts to be from LiteBlue.

What are the benefits of USPS LiteBlue Login?

As mentioned above, LiteBlue is a portal which is the gateway to dozens of services. Using this portal, the Postal employees can manage a wide range of things. Here are some of the benefits of Liteblue USPS Employee portal.


Liteblue usps postal employees can choose some set of benefits. They can also swap the existing ones for the new benefits. Postalease is an application integrated into LiteBlue which acts as a self-service kiosk. It provides the employees with an easy way to handle their benefits.

Update your information

It’s extremely important for any government service employee to update their current information with their employee. The Liteblue login is a platform where the usps employees can change their house address, contact number, email address, etc. Just go to the individual details section and alter the Get in Touch info.


USPS offers varied perks to its different employees. Most of the times, even the employees are not really sure about the perks they get from their employer. If you are a USPS employee and you want to know the benefits and perks you currently have, then Liteblue login is an excellent platform where you can see all your perks listed.


Liteblue usps login gives access to the payroll details. The Postal employees can check their repayment declarations, paystubs and other payroll-related information. They can also download these details in PDF format for future reference. The staff can even opt for the monthly payroll statement services.


The staff members of Liteblue.USPS.Gov works on varied timetables. Liteblue USPS employee login page is a good place to find out the schedule and if there are any changes to the schedule. The liteblue employees can also see the instantaneous alerts if their schedule is modified.


Liteblue login page is a great place to discover the new opportunities provided by USPS to their employees. You can know about the new openings and the eligibility criteria. The best part is you can also apply for the interesting post directly on this website.

How to reset liteblue login Account Password?

Liteblue USPS gov has taken all the care to ensure that only authorized employees are able to log in the LiteBlue Employee Login portal. Here are the instructions to reset your password. Make sure you create safe Password for your Liteblue login account.

Do you know about SSP? SSP is a Self-Service Profile that offers dozens of self-service tools and LiteBlue is a part of it. You have to reset your SSP password in order to reset your LiteBlue password.

  1. Enter  in the address bar of any web browser. Open the Forgot Password? link.
  2. This link transfers you to a new website. It’s the SSP website ( where you have to authenticate yourself with your Employee ID.
  3. Enter the Employee ID and hit Verify Employee ID button.

Now, you’ll see a set of simple instructions to reset the password. Keep in mind that the password for SSP and LiteBlue Employee login are the same. You can also use the same Password to log in all other SSP services.

So, in this Post we have shared detailed information regarding Liteblue USPS employee Login Guide if you still have another question then comment below our team will try to help you.

USPS Address Change Process Just 2 Minutes!

USPS address Change: United service postal service spreading their service across all over the country. Every year thousands of employee move one place to another place because of job replacement or other family purposes. After changing the house as rule employee have to complete usps address change process. The employee has to update the new address at USPS is necessary. Here, we have shared a detailed post on how an employee can complete the USPS address change Process.

What is USPS Change of Address?

The usps has more than 500,000 employees across all over United state Country. Many employees moving or want to rent a Post office box. When you change home that time to update usps address change is important because of to receive mail or reserve a box at your local post office.

If you do not do usps change of address then your all mail go to the old location of your home. Sometime you will be missed your important mail and courier Parcel. If you do not know how to change usps address then we posted step by step guide to usps change of address Process.

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How to Change Address of USPS?

There are more than two methods to USPS change of address. here, we share all the methods of the address of usps change. The best way to change the address in usps is to give a request in Local Post offices with a hard copy form (PS 3575) or using the Wed form. This Process will cost around $1.05. Many Peoples giving up to 40$ to change usps address to the agent. We recommend you to stay away from those agent and change address Manually by your self.

Follow the below steps,

  • We again saying do not hire any service executive to change your address. They can charge $40 as a promise to process your request fast don’t give them.
  • Click here change usps address online.
  • Using the email usps address change is the fastest way.
  • The $1.05 fee is counted as a charge for identity verification fees of your documents and request.
  • You can pay online $1.05 using the debit card or the credit card. Net Banking Facility is also available.

For, the Change Password you have to use liteblue usps gov employee account.

Note: The unauthorized Person who not associated with the Usps department and fills wrong information than that will get Legal Punishment under the sections 1001, 1708  and 1702 of Title 18, United States Code. The only Person like a guardian, authorized manager and officers, an agent can use it.

  1. Open Official USPS Change of Address and Click on Get started.
  2. Then choose an option between individual, Family or Business moving.
  3. Now, fill your contact information and your old house Address and click on Next.
  4. Confirm all the detail on Next Page and Pay $0.1 processing charge online.

After it you receive mail on registered email and your USPS change of Address request will be Processed.

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Manual Method

This method is an offline method you have to visit the nearest local post office and request them a Mover’s Guide Packet.

  • The Mover’s guide packet has 3575 form.
  • Fill those form with old address and new address.
  • Post that form in Post office and after a few days, you will receive a new address letter in some days.

Parent Methods for USPS Change of Address

We have posted further two methods for USPS change of Address now we sharing other methods also too. If you don’t want to try that method then you can use below methods also for USPS Change of Address.

USPS Kiosks: The USPS has installed many kiosks computer system, it’s a Personal help assistant for the liteblue employee. Using these kiosks you can also change the USPS Address.

Postal Mail: The USPS also has the facility you can send directly request to change the address. You have to write a request letter with your old address and new address and post them at HRSSC / COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS: PO BOX – 970400: GREENSBORO – NC 27497-0400: USA usps address. They can simply process your request in one week after the received letter.

So, In this Post, We have shared how to change USPS Address methods and other parent methods if you facing still any problem then comment below.