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USPS Address Change Process Just 2 Minutes!

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USPS address Change: United service postal service spreading their service across all over the country. Every year thousands of employee move one place to another place because of job replacement or other family purposes. After changing the house as rule employee have to complete usps address change process. The employee has to update the new address at USPS is necessary. Here, we have shared a detailed post on how an employee can complete the USPS address change Process.

What is USPS Change of Address?

The usps has more than 500,000 employees across all over United state Country. Many employees moving or want to rent a Post office box. When you change home that time to update usps address change is important because of to receive mail or reserve a box at your local post office.

If you do not do usps change of address then your all mail go to the old location of your home. Sometime you will be missed your important mail and courier Parcel. If you do not know how to change usps address then we posted step by step guide to usps change of address Process.

How to Change Address of USPS?

There are more than two methods to USPS change of address. here, we share all the methods of the address of usps change. The best way to change the address in usps is to give a request in Local Post offices with a hard copy form (PS 3575) or using the Wed form. This Process will cost around $1.05. Many Peoples giving up to 40$ to change usps address to the agent. We recommend you to stay away from those agent and change address Manually by your self.

Follow the below steps,

  • Click here change usps address online.
  • Using the email usps address change is the fastest way.
  • You can pay online $1.05 using the debit card or the credit card. Net Banking Facility is also available.
  • The $1.05 fee is counted as a charge for identity verification fees of your documents and request.
  • We again saying do not hire any service executive to change your address. They can charge $40 as a promise to process your request fast don’t give them.

For, the Change Password you have to use liteblue usps gov employee account.

Note: The unauthorized Person who not associated with the Usps department and fills wrong information than that will get Legal Punishment under the sections 1001, 1708  and 1702 of Title 18, United States Code. The only Person like a guardian, authorized manager and officers, an agent can use it.

  1. Open Official USPS Change of Address and Click on Get started.
  2. Then choose an option between individual, Family or Business moving.
  3. Now, fill your contact information and your old house Address and click on Next.
  4. Confirm all the detail on Next Page and Pay $0.1 processing charge online.

After it you receive mail on registered email and your USPS change of Address request will be Processed.

Manual Method

This method is an offline method you have to visit the nearest local post office and request them a Mover’s Guide Packet.

  • The Mover’s guide packet has 3575 form.
  • Fill those form with old address and new address.
  • Post that form in Post office and after a few days, you will receive a new address letter in some days.

Parent Methods for USPS Change of Address

We have posted further two methods for USPS change of Address now we sharing other methods also too. If you don’t want to try that method then you can use below methods also for USPS change of Address.

Postal Mail: The USPS also has the facility you can send directly request to change address. You have to write a request letter with your old Address and new address and post them at HRSSC / COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS: PO BOX – 970400: GREENSBORO – NC 27497-0400: USA usps address. They can simply process your request in one week after the received letter.

USPS Kiosks: The USPS has installed many kiosks computer system, it’s a Personal help assistant for the liteblue employee. Using these kiosks you can also change the USPS Address.

So, In this Post, We have shared how to change USPS Address methods and other parent methods if you facing still any problem then comment below.

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